Tomatoes are not just our business, they are our passion.

Using cutting-edge molecular technology research combined with classical breeding techniques.

Delivering ongoing innovative, productive and flavorful tomatoes to our customers.

TomaTech is a dynamic and creative seed breeding company developing some of the most advanced hybrid seeds available on the market today, with special emphasis on breeding high flavour tomatoes in various colors and shapes.  TomaTech recently merged with Nirit Seeds Ltd., successful breeders of tomato and pepper seed that are the segment leaders in key markets such as Mexico, South Africa and Italy.

In order to provide cutting edge breeding solutions for our customers, TomaTech-Nirit continue to invest massively in advanced molecular technology research, which, combined with classical breeding techniques, enables the merged company to use their advanced speed breeding programe to bring breakthrough innovations including proprietary genetic markers for key agronomical and consumer traits, consistency, disease resistance and high yielding varieties.

team around the table
Cooperation for the Toma’Muse concept: Juan Gallego – La Palma, Michael Simonetta, Perfection, Paul Mastronardi, Sunset, Ofer Ben Zvi, Tomatech, Dr Favi Vidavski, Tomatech, Mr J. Daniel Rodriguez, La Palma, Calermelo Salguero, La Palma, Paul Stoffels, Stoffels & Petra Veldman, Stoffels

With operations in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Netherlands and North America, the company serves the entire food chain, from grower to consumer, all working in unison globally to bring breakthrough seed technologies to market.

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TomaTech  – Changing the way people think about tomatoes.