Tali Aronzon

Customer Support

T. +972 (0) 89315920

E-mail: tali@tomatech.co.il

Remco Kostwinder

Regional Manager North America

T: (+1) 519 450 8020

Email: remco@tomatech.com

Mauricio Fernandez Heras

General Manager TomaTech S.L. Spain

Email: maury@tomatech.es


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Fabio Pappalardo

Regional Manager per Italia ed Est-Europa

Tel: +39 348 4210 424
E-mail: fabio.p@tomatech.com

European Partner and Distributor :

Wilfred Scheffers

The Plant Factory

t : +31 162 673 360

e. wilfred.scheffers@theplantfactory.nl

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