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TomaTech’s Senior Breeder Assaf Eybishtz PhD invited as Conference speaker in Italy

TomaTech is glad to contribute to the common search of effective solutions against ToBRFV virus disease.

For the purpose, our Senior Breeder Assaf Eybishitz PhD took part, as an expert speaker, to the Workshop “The traceability of the tomato chain for a quality product”, which took place on June 23rd 2021 at the Golden Hall in Vittoria (RG) – Italy.

ToBRFV virus is here and is not planning to leave soon” announced Assaf  during the conference. This awareness led important personalities of the seed industry, academic, entrepreneurial and political world together and discuss, looking for a resilient systemic solution. There has been talk of Tomato Chain Traceability via Blockchain, old and new plant diseases, effectiveness of diagnostic methods, financial support to growers and good sustainable practices to be applied in the field.
A manifold confrontation of perspectives, all converging on the only effective solution of the problem: the development of genetically resistant to ToBRFV viral pathogen.

Some pictures from the Conference during Assaf’s speech.

Unica group demo room visit -Tomatech Spain

Our Javier Oliver Fernandez on a field visit with our friends from the Unica group .
Thanks to the president Jose Martínez Portero (Casur) and the technical department Isidoro (Casur) and Jesús (Ferva) for your assistance and interest.
We will continue collaborating together in the line of flavor and quality!!

New tomato varieties launched at Fruit Logistica

Our new tomatoes starring in the following article https://www.hortidaily.com/…/new-tomato-varieties-launched…/

Fruit Logistica 2020

This year’s Fruit Logistica hosted an estimated 70,000 people from 125 countries worldwide. TomaTech was one of 3,000 companies to exhibit.

We attended for our 3rd consecutive year, increasing the size of our stand and trying out a new location in large new hall on the ground floor. Our stand welcomed many visitors, both planned and spontaneous, giving our global team the opportunity to come together and meet many of our international customers.  Our stand showcased some of our best new tomato varieties and whole new collections such as Flavor Mates, our new high flavor, high color, high aroma & high brix medium cocktail collection which can be seen by following these links:  https://www.virtualmarket.fruitlogistica.de/en/The-New-Collection,p1604247 & https://www.virtualmarket.fruitlogistica.de/en/The-Flavor-Mates-Collection,p1604253  .

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Future Seminar- The Future of the Tomato market- The Netherlands 2019

Innovative  breeding-  In September we held our first ‘Future Seminar’ in which we thoroughly examined the whole chain from Growers to Consumers to identify trends, needs and desires for the next 5 to 10 years. We involved our team of breeders ,customers, partners, specialists and research to stimulate ourselves to originate new areas for research and development. It was highly successful event and some very exciting new concepts came out of it. We will now allocate time, resources and money developing them into solid products in the next 5 years….Watch this space!



 “Breeding for new challenge”

Our team of Breeders present at the XVI SOLANACEAE CONFERENCE Yield & Nutrition

September 15-19, 2019, Jerusalem, Israel

Fruit Logistica 2019

Over 3,000 exhibiting companies and 75,000 trade professionals from 130 countries attended Fruit Logistica 2019, the leading, global, fresh produce show.

We attended for the second consecutive year. This time in a bigger and better stand showcasing which show cased some of our top tomato collections and gave the opportunity for our global team to come together and meet many of their international customers.

It was busy, fun and most importantly very successful.

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