TomaTech’s new appointment – Giuseppe Busacca, Regional Manager for Italy

Giuseppe’s focus will be to develop and deepen business relationships by providing TomaTech’s innovative, superior- tomato varieties to the growing market for tomatoes through unparalleled tailoring of products and solutions to its customers in this region.

Giuseppe, who is based in Vittoria, in the Province of Ragusa, Sicily, holds a degree in Tropical and Subtropical Sciences and Technologies.

With over 19 years of experience in the greenhouse industry, He has acquired extensive knowledge of the market, its evolution and the needs of the territory, along with experience gained at key Companies such as Koppert and Vilmorin. Giuseppe will enable TomaTech’s activity in Italy to fast-track the sales growth of its products.

“Giuseppe’s excellent professional work and product advancement management skills regarding horticultural plants at the agronomic level and his professional expertise in the fields of development, sales and marketing will accelerate TomaTech Italy’s growth and the development a large portfolio of varieties suitable for the territory and for the market’s needs,” said Ofer Ben Zvi, TomaTech’s CEO.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Fabio Pappalardo for his contributions to TomaTech during his former position as Market Region Manager for Italy and wish him good luck in his new position.”

Giuseppe will join TomaTech’s globally expanding Marketing & Sales team and will provide additional, local presence for customers and contribute from his extensive experience to TomaTech’s growth.

We wish Giuseppe every success in his new position!

TomaTech’s breakthrough in battle against ToBRFV

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