“Harmoniz sets out to redefine the global greenhouse seeds market” 

Global greenhouse seeds developer Harmoniz is making its debut after concluding the legal processes of the merger of TomatoTech, a seed breeding company, and Nirit Seeds, developers of some of the most successful hybrid vegetable seeds in the market. The rebranded company leverages the companies’ molecular biology and breeding technologies to create tomatoes of uncompromising quality.[…]”

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“Resistances to ToBRFV: an interview with Shai Leviatov, VP R&D at TomaTech-Nirit” 

After seven years of a Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) pandemic that affected tomato production and markets worldwide, it is now clearer than ever that the development of genetic resistance that will allow plants to grow and yield high-quality fruit is key to solving ToBRFV-related phytosanitary risks and hazards. What is not as clear, however (and different notions are being discussed in the industry), is which varieties can be called resistant to ToBRFV or how to define the resistance level of a variety to ToBRFV.[…]”

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“TomaTech-Nirit appoints Julia Parry as new VP Business Development & Downstream” 

There is a buzz of excitement around Tomatech-Nirit. The recent merger of the two tomato-focused breeding companies (TomaTech and Nirit) clearly pointed to the emergence of a new world order in tomato varietal development. And today, the company announced the appointment of Julia Parry as VP Business Development and Downstream.[…]”

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“Food has to be tasty to drive repeat purchase and growth” 

Interview with Ofer Ben Zvi, CEO of Tomatech-Nirit

It doesn’t matter whom you talk to, or where they are from, “you hear the same thing around the world”, says Ofer Ben Zvi, CEO of Tomatech-Nirit which was recently merged. “There is not enough labour and this is coupled with rising energy prices. Every heated greenhouse in the globe has been hugely impacted. On top of this the tomato sector is still battling against the rugose virus which is also driving production costs up.[…]”

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These are hard times for any player in the fresh chain 

Interview to Paul van Dijck, VP Marketing and Sales at TomaTech-Nirit

“These are hard times for any player in the fresh chain, particularly for the production sector. The Russia-Ukraine war has resulted in a dramatic economic domino effect worldwide, deepening financial instability, accelerating inflation, affecting the global food supply, and threatening food security. It must be said, however, that the war exacerbated an already ongoing upwards trend in gas and energy prices which started long before the Russia-Ukraine conflict in April 2021[…]”

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TOV red round tomato knows no crisis 

Interview to a sicilian grower cultivating Carreras F1

“The red round cluster tomato, a segment that in Sicily is commonly known as cluster tomato, has always been a safe investment for growers like us”, says Salvatore Cilia, sole administrator of Azienda Agricola Cilia Salvatore – Società Cooperativa Agricola (Punta Secca, Sicily, Italy) and adds: “First of all in terms of costs: Cluster tomato production is cheaper than other segments’, and this is a fact.”

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TomaTech appointment of Giuseppe Busacca as Regional Manager for Italy. 

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Giuseppe Busacca as Regional Manager for Italy.

Giuseppe’s focus will be to develop and deepen business relationships by providing TomaTech’s innovative, superior- tomato varieties to the growing market for tomatoes through unparalleled tailoring of products and solutions to its customers in this region.

Giuseppe, who is based in Vittoria, in the Province of Ragusa, Sicily, holds a degree in Tropical and Subtropical Sciences and Technologies.

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TomaTech,  Appointment New VP Sales & Marketing  

Tomatech, the innovative and creative seed company announces the appointment of Paul Van Dijck as its new VP Sales & Marketing.

Paul brings with him over 25 years of experience of heated glasshouse in diverse rolls in vegetables crops business, such as having been a grower himself, crop marketing specialist and sales manager in Enza Zaden.

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TomaTech files patents for ToBRFV (IR) – resistant DNA markers for tomato varieties

Rehovot, Israel – TomaTech, Ltd., announces a major advancement in the fight against the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV), which has caused significant economic damage estimated as much as billions of USD in the last few years globally. Lead by Assaf Eybishitz PhD, the company furthered the fight against this pandemic of the tomato world by filing for a provisional patent for identifying the DNA markers correlated to its resistant traits which will accelerate the breeding and commercialization of high resistance non-GMO tomato varieties.

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“If you sell tomatoes with high flavor and good color, the consumer will reward you for it”. 

Dr Favi Vidavski, president of TomaTech, in an interview with Juan Arias  of F&H magazine summarizes his view of the tomato market and shares why he insists that flavor is a top priority in his breeding programme. “Taste is very important. If someone forgets to put flavor in their products, not only will their share of market decline but the whole market is effected .

We can see in countries where the system was directed only towards production how, little by little, tomato consumption has been declining. Of course, when we talk about tomatoes, there are different types: the ones you use to cook, to take as a sandwich, as a snack or to garnish and this has an impact on the consumers priorities when choosing, but if we are looking at salad and snacking tomatoes especially, flavor trumps all other attributes.”

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TomaTech, Appoints Regional Manager

We would like to thank David Revington for his contributions to TomaTech during an unprecedentedly difficult period in history.  He hands over his tenure to our new Regional Manager, Remco Kostwinder, so he can pursue new opportunities.

Remco’s focus will be to deepen TomaTech’s business relationships with our existing customers and develop new customer relationships with those entrepreneurial growers who are actively listening to their customer needs and consumer demands.

Remco, who is based in Ontario, Canada, has held positions in sales, marketing and business development areas in the greenhouse and seed industry for over two decades in such distinguished companies as Green Search inc. “TomaTech’s innovative, superior quality, hybrid tomato seeds and its commitment to unparalleled standards of customer service through the tailoring of products and solutions to each of its customers is second to none and I look forward to leading growth in my region.” Remco joins the globally expanding marketing & sales team of TomaTech to provide local presence for customers and contribute from his extensive experience to TomaTech’s growth.

We wish Remco every success in his new role.

(Images: Left: D. Revington, Right R. Kostwinder)

“TomaTech announces breakthrough in battle against ToBRFV; a range of commercial varieties available for this planting season.”

TomaTech is stunning the tomato growing world with the announcement of the launch of its range of commercial Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) resistant varieties, available immediately for this coming season.

See more >TomaTech announces breakthrough in battle against ToBRFV

NEW! Our Big & Beefy Hamburger Hero ‘Firmato’

Wilfred Scheffers, Plantfactory’s Account Manager introduces our Large Red Beef tomato ‘Firmato’ from the Olympus Collection with its old semi Marmande style appearance .

The perfect slice for your hamburger!

Watch our video: https://youtu.be/83rZvIBALus

Meet Our Dazzling Tomatoes!

Our dazzling tomatoes are not only beautiful tasty and nutritious but also produce excellent yield and have exceptional agronomic attributes. As tomato specialists, we would like to welcome you to our trial greenhouse.

In our meeting room we will show you the latest varieties in the high-tech tomato production trial of TomaTech Ltd. In the trial greenhouse we cultivate 190 different tomato varieties across all segments with exceptional characteristics. We combine advanced technological research with classic breeding techniques. Come & see for yourself!

If you are unable to attend, we can send you fruit samples. See our contact us page for how to make an appointment.

Watch our video: https://youtu.be/yOee3CfBlVI

NEW! Red Cherry Truss TT-746

Watch as Wilfred Scheffers, Account Manager from Plantfactory, explains all you need to know about our new Red Cherry Truss ‘TT-746’ from our ‘Simply Divine’ Collection.

Watch our video: https://youtu.be/nqb7zWA4fmw

“In order to be commercially interesting, varieties need to suit growers’ wishes as well”

TomaTech’s specialties are already popular among trade and retail companies, for example, their Sugar Drop tomato has been on British supermarket shelves for over a decade.  When expanding their portfolio – in 2020 there are more than 190 varieties grown in the TomaTech trial greenhouse – the breeding company listened to the wishes of growers, retailers and consumers in their breeding program…

Read more at https://www.hortidaily.com/article/9222357/in-order-to-be-commercially-interesting-varieties-need-to-suit-growers-wishes-as-well/

“Tomato Geneticists’ House Expands Catalog in Spain”

TomaTech burst into force a couple of campaigns ago in Spain with its cherry Korino, which has served as an advance guard for the materials it now presents.

Read more at (click the UK flag) https://joseantonioarcos.es/2020/07/04/tomatech-korino-cosmostar-dorma-dulcimor-orange-candy/

“TomaTech Italian Growing partner Gandini talks COVID19”

TomaTech variety grower, Gandini, talking about the COVID19 effect in Italy in Freshplaza magazine!

Read more at-  https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9225286/italian-tomato-grower-thinks-covid-19-outbreak-may-have-brought-some-opportunities/

“TomaTech from Almería for all of Spain”

TomaTech new varieties are staring in the Spanish portagrano magazine!

Read more at-  https://www.portagrano.net/home/detallenoticia.php?idnoticia=922 

2020 New Collection

Introducing our new collection of new varieties in different sizes, aroma, flavor, and colors.
Each one is innovative & unique in its own way with solid supply chain benefits & technical

link to new collection page: https://www.tomatech.com/2018-new-collection/

Harmony- TomaTech reserve collection

Introducing ‘Harmony’ the TomaTech Reserve collection:
A composition of flavors & colors.
Harmony is TomaTech’s finest collection of six outstanding branded tomatoes each offering a unique gourmet eating experience. Each harmony brand is a distinctive and appealing composition of flavor, color, texture, size & shape.
All varieties that fit under the Harmony umbrella are of exceptional quality.

Toma’Muse Delicious recipe- Avocado & Lentil

These days it is always a great idea to cook delicious and nutritious food with our Toma’Muse tomatoes, which are high in vitamin C and especially high in lycopene, both of which strengthen the immune system.

Unica group demo room visit -Tomatech Spain

Our Javier Oliver Fernandez on a field visit with our friends from the Unica group .
Thanks to the president Jose Martínez Portero (Casur) and the technical department Isidoro (Casur) and Jesús (Ferva) for your assistance and interest.
We will continue collaborating together in the line of flavor and quality!!

New tomato varieties launched at Fruit Logistica

Our new tomatoes starring in the following article https://www.hortidaily.com/…/new-tomato-varieties-launched…/

Fruit Logistica 2020

This year’s Fruit Logistica hosted an estimated 70,000 people from 125 countries worldwide. TomaTech was one of 3,000 companies to exhibit.

We attended for our 3rd consecutive year, increasing the size of our stand and trying out a new location in large new hall on the ground floor. Our stand welcomed many visitors, both planned and spontaneous, giving our global team the opportunity to come together and meet many of our international customers.  Our stand showcased some of our best new tomato varieties and whole new collections such as Flavor Mates, our new high flavor, high color, high aroma & high brix medium cocktail collection which can be seen by following these links:  https://www.virtualmarket.fruitlogistica.de/en/The-New-Collection,p1604247 & https://www.virtualmarket.fruitlogistica.de/en/The-Flavor-Mates-Collection,p1604253  .

If you would like further information please contact us or keep updated by joining our mailing list


TomaTech, Appoints New CEO

We are very pleased to share with you the exciting news of the appointment of Ofer Ben Zvi as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the appointment of Favi Vidavski, PhD, as our president and head of R&D.
Mr Ben Zvi and Dr. Vidavski’s new roles will enable us at TomaTech to unlock the substantial potential of our tomatoes and other crops, to fast-track sales growth of our commercial seeds such as SugarDrop® and TomaMuse®, penetrate new markets and strengthen our share in existing markets.

Future Seminar- The Future of the Tomato market- The Netherlands 2019

Innovative  breeding-  In September we held our first ‘Future Seminar’ in which we thoroughly examined the whole chain from Growers to Consumers to identify trends, needs and desires for the next 5 to 10 years. We involved our team of breeders ,customers, partners, specialists and research to stimulate ourselves to originate new areas for research and development. It was highly successful event and some very exciting new concepts came out of it. We will now allocate time, resources and money developing them into solid products in the next 5 years….Watch this space!



 “Breeding for new challenge”

Our team of Breeders present at the XVI SOLANACEAE CONFERENCE Yield & Nutrition

September 15-19, 2019, Jerusalem, Israel

Fruit Logistica 2019

Over 3,000 exhibiting companies and 75,000 trade professionals from 130 countries attended Fruit Logistica 2019, the leading, global, fresh produce show.

We attended for the second consecutive year. This time in a bigger and better stand showcasing which show cased some of our top tomato collections and gave the opportunity for our global team to come together and meet many of their international customers.

It was busy, fun and most importantly very successful.

In the News:

We are hiring !!

Come and join our growing team.

We are looking for a  VP Marketing & Sales


  • Lead the TomaTech business across global markets to achieve profitable growth and to reach leadership position in key markets & segments.
  • Set ambitious and realistic business objectives, develop a sound marketing strategy and drive its implementation to reach short, mid and long-term targets.
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurial behavior, build Marketing and Sales capabilities across the company markets.
  • Develop and monitor the execution of company M&S strategy, policies & procedures
  • Coach and develop the regional Marketing team
  • Responsible for Planning, Marketing Services & Forecasting.
  • Actively lead demand creation along the value chain through downstream marketing.

 knowledge and Experience Requirements:

 Critical Knowledge:

  • Familiar with the Seeds & fresh product industry
  • Marketing (concepts, marketing mix principles, Branding,Segmentation etc)
  • Market strategy development
  • Financial analysis
  • Broad product knowledge in the fruit and vegetable business
  • Knowledge of influencers and channel management

 Critical Skills:

  • Senior roles in sales management in the seeds business)
  • People and business management
  • Project management
  • Evolving fresh products downstream activities
  • Organizational change management
  • Marketing plan development
  • Competition analysis
  • Product positioning
  • Product launch strategy development and implementation
  • Application of Value Pricing & Selling techniques
  • Application of segmentation to drive business value creation
  • Team development & building

Critical Experience, Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Demonstrated commercial track record in horticulture > 8 years in business.
  • Hands on horticultural production experience
  • Graduate qualification in agriculture and business administration( MBA) – preferred  or a related discipline.
  • Ability to undertake regular and frequent travel
  • Valid driver’s licence.

If you are looking for a new challenge and meet the criteria above, please contact us at:


January 14th, 2019

We are delighted to announce the appointment of David Revington as Regional Manager for North America.

David’s focus will be to develop and deepen business relationships by providing TomaTech’s innovative, superior quality, hybrid tomato seeds to the growing market for specialty tomatoes through unparalleled tailoring of products and solutions to its customers in this region.

David, who is based in Ontario, Canada, has held positions in sales, marketing and business development areas in the greenhouse industry for over 25 years in such distinguished companies as Great Lakes Greenhouses, Huron Produce-Suntastic and Ciruli Brothers produce.

“I am thrilled to be joining such a professional and innovative team. The technology, breeding techniques and varietal options place TomaTech at the forefront of the international tomato seed industry”  affirms David.

David will join the globally expanding marketing & sales team of TomaTech and provide additional, local presence for customers and contribute from his extensive experience to TomaTech’s growth.

We wish David every success in his new role.


Collaboration between Canadian, European and Australian growers

Toma’muse concept rolled out with great success!

This year, at Fruit Logistica, the Belgian company, Stoffels Tomatoes, highlighted the three product groups their business revolves around. The renewed Automato was at their stand. The story behind Toma’chef, of which there are numerous varieties, was also explained at the trade show. The Toma’ line, which was the best-selling retail package last year, showcased its complete rebranding.  [Read More at FreshPlaza…]

Ofer Ben Zvi, TomaTech:

“Innovation is not only genetics”

Until now this pioneering tomato seed company had been relatively unknown in the horticultural industry, but now, with the launch of their Toma’Muse concept, featuring a unique collaboration of four well-known produce companies worldwide, Israeli breeding company TomaTech is attracting worldwide attention. At Fruit Logistica, we found out more about TomaTech and their varieties. “No matter what color or size a tomato has, we want to deliver a different eating experience with our tomatoes  ” V.P Marketing & business development director Ofer Ben Zvi says. [Read More…]

Harmony story with 4 logosOur premium collection of 4 exceptional, branded tomatoes each offering a unique gourmet eating experience. Each one is a distinct and perfect composition of flavor, color, texture, size & shape.

TinyToms – Once you Pop, you can’t Stop!

Royal Banquet – A Feast for all the Senses!

Sweet Rainbow – A Rainbow of Sweet & Delectable cherries on the vine

Sangrita – Refreshingly flavorful cocktails on the vine that will make your salad shine!

Divine – Simply Divine. The smallest are always the sweetest!

Perfection – The Perfect Grape Tomato

Tom Craze – A Star Performer!

Bonne Bouche – A Melt in the Mouth Symphony of Flavor.

The Musketeers – One for All and All for One! Choose Yours!

Korino – Any time, any place, anywhere, this cherry is all about flavor and yield.

2018 New Collection – Innovative & unique, each in its own way, solid supply chain benefits technical advantages.

The Harmony Collection: A Composition of Flavors & Colors

TomaTech’s finest collection of four outstanding branded tomatoes each offering a unique gourmet eating experience.  Each Harmony brand is a distinctive and appealing composition of flavor, color, texture, size & shape.  [read more…]


TOMA’MUSE : Sophisticated and special, TomaMuse will inspire you.

Introducing TOMA’MUSE, an innovative tomato brought to you by the premium breeding company, TomaTech, in collaboration with 4 world leading produce companies: Mastronardi Produce (Canada), Stoffels (Belgium) La-Palma (Spain) and Perfection Fresh (Australia). This unique “breeder – fresh producer” collaboration is one of the first of its kind where the breeder owns the variety while producers own and market the Toma’Muse brand in their respective markets. This distinctive “go to market” strategy will allow the Toma’Muse brand to span over 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Australia) making it one of the only international brands of its kind. [read more about TOMA’MUSE…]

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