TomaTech, Appoints New VP Sales & Marketing

TomaTech, the innovative and creative seed company announces the appointment of Paul Van Dijck as its new VP Sales & Marketing.

Paul brings with him over 25 years of experience of heated greenhouse in diverse roles in vegetables crops business, such as having been a grower himself, crop marketing specialist and sales manager in Enza Zaden.

As part of the company’s new strategic direction, Paul will lead the rapid expansion and development) of TomaTech in heated greenhouses markets


Ofer Ben Zvi, the company CEO expands “I’m delighted to welcome Paul Van Dijck to our company as VP Sales and Marketing, he will add valuable experience and a unique perspective to the company. By bringing Paul on board, we are taking another significant step in expanding the company globally, which symbolizes our commitment to intensifying our activity in heated greenhouses. I am confident that Paul will play a key role in TomaTech and increase our presence globally “. 

Paul will enable TomaTech to fast-track sales growth of its commercial seeds such as SugarDrop®, Pom Sweet Candy® and TomaMuse®, penetrate new markets and strengthen our share in existing markets via the exploitation of the new ToBRFV resistant gene marker technology.

“I look forward to working closely with the highly professional TomaTech team and accelerating TomaTech’s growth by building on their existing expertise, knowledge and supporting the progress of the company into its next exciting chapter. The passion to provide our customers and partners with the best varieties. I am delighted to work towards accelerating TomaTech’s growth by building on the existing expertise, knowledge, infrastructure, germplasm base and capitalize on this huge world-wide market.” says Paul.

TomaTech’s breakthrough in battle against ToBRFV

At TomaTech we work with passion and decisiveness, pushing back boundaries every day, aiming to create deep customer understanding in order to tailor our products according to our customer’s needs and desires. We combine our genetics with a creative go to market approach for the benefit of our customers.

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