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Collaboration between Canadian, European and Australian growers

Toma’muse concept rolled out with great success!

This year, at Fruit Logistica, the Belgian company, Stoffels Tomatoes, highlighted the three product groups their business revolves around. The renewed Automato was at their stand. The story behind Toma’chef, of which there are numerous varieties, was also explained at the trade show. The Toma’ line, which was the best-selling retail package last year, showcased its complete rebranding.  [Read More at FreshPlaza…]

Ofer Ben Zvi, TomaTech:

“Innovation is not only genetics”

Until now this pioneering tomato seed company had been relatively unknown in the horticultural industry, but now, with the launch of their Toma’Muse concept, featuring a unique collaboration of four well-known produce companies worldwide, Israeli breeding company TomaTech is attracting worldwide attention. At Fruit Logistica, we found out more about TomaTech and their varieties. “No matter what color or size a tomato has, we want to deliver a different eating experience with our tomatoes  ” V.P Marketing & business development director Ofer Ben Zvi says. [Read More…]

FruitLogistica 2018

More than 3,000 exhibiting companies and 75,000 trade professionals from 130 countries attended the leading, global, fresh produce show.

We made our debut appearance showcasing 12 of our top tomato collections.

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Harmony story with 4 logosOur premium collection of 4 exceptional, branded tomatoes each offering a unique gourmet eating experience. Each one is a distinct and perfect composition of flavor, color, texture, size & shape.

TinyToms – Once you Pop, you can’t Stop!

Royal Banquet – A Feast for all the Senses!

Sweet Rainbow – A Rainbow of Sweet & Delectable cherries on the vine

Sangrita – Refreshingly flavorful cocktails on the vine that will make your salad shine!

Divine – Simply Divine. The smallest are always the sweetest!

Perfection – The Perfect Grape Tomato

Tom Craze – A Star Performer!

Bonne Bouche – A Melt in the Mouth Symphony of Flavor.

The Musketeers – One for All and All for One! Choose Yours!

Korino – Any time, any place, anywhere, this cherry is all about flavor and yield.

2018 New Collection – Innovative & unique, each in its own way, solid supply chain benefits technical advantages.

The Harmony Collection: A Composition of Flavors & Colors

TomaTech’s finest collection of four outstanding branded tomatoes each offering a unique gourmet eating experience.  Each Harmony brand is a distinctive and appealing composition of flavor, color, texture, size & shape.  [read more…]


TOMA’MUSE : Sophisticated and special, TomaMuse will inspire you.

Introducing TOMA’MUSE, an innovative tomato brought to you by the premium breeding company, TomaTech, in collaboration with 4 world leading produce companies: Mastronardi Produce (Canada), Stoffels (Belgium) La-Palma (Spain) and Perfection Fresh (Australia). This unique “breeder – fresh producer” collaboration is one of the first of its kind where the breeder owns the variety while producers own and market the Toma’Muse brand in their respective markets. This distinctive “go to market” strategy will allow the Toma’Muse brand to span over 3 continents (North America, Europe, and Australia) making it one of the only international brands of its kind. [read more about TOMA’MUSE…]